Need A Little Help?

J. C. Ryle was an Anglican Bishop of Liverpool, England, during the late 1800’s.   He loved the Puritans and felt they had been slandered and maligned.  But most of all, he loved God’s word.  His notes on the gospels are alive with practical applications and clear explanations of the basic doctrines of Christianity. Order it at .

One word of advice from an older woman:  Establish a library of quality helps for biblical interpretation and application.  Books go out of print and become unavailable.  They also become more expensive because of inflation.  I stress buying books in print, since the internet might one day be censured by those who hate the gospel.  Collect the best for your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Who Was Samuel Rutherford?

I quoted Samuel Rutherford in my last post. He was a Scottish Presbyterian, a Puritan. He lived in the 1600’s, was put in prison at St. Andrews for his beliefs. He later helped to write the Westminister Confession of Faith, the statement of faith still used today by the Presbyterian Church In America (PCA). He is a good example of how “Puritan” has been wrongly protrayed, and even slandered, by modern historians as prudish hypocrites. Samuel Rutherford appears to have been a kind, gentle man who loved the Lord Jesus Christ and served his church. I love his letters from prison, “The Loveliness of Christ>” Go back to the original sources and read the Puritans for yourself at