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There are three books posted for you to scan as well as a Blog. I want my work to touch your heart as well as your mind…to get you thinking about biblical principles and how they apply to how you live and think.

The Books:

OLD PATHS FOR LITTLE FEET is published and available for purchase. It is about teaching Christian doctrine to children.

WARM-HEARTED CALVINISTS is about people who have taught me a lot about how to pass a Reformed Christian interpretation of the Bible to the next generation; their lessons are about blending the harder biblical principles with the ones that stir our hearts to love God more, and get us to thinking of reasons for pleasing God in our everyday life choices.

BUILDING A DEVOTIONAL HOUSE is designed to describe several tools useful for constructing and maintaining a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and for helping someone else do that too. This should be very useful for those teaching children at home as well as supplemental skills for children in Sunday School or Christian school.

Just click the title of the book and then the chapter you want to read. You will then have a PDF file you can read, download, or print.

The Blog:

In the blog, I hope to provide some teaching tips especially for parents, as well as show you how to think through Bible passages. Please scroll down the Categories for verse-by- verse lessons from Bible books or tips for teaching biblical principles to children.

I hope you will use these lessons in your personal and small group studies. Feel free to print them out for group or teacher use, but please put my name and www.carolbrandt.com on each copy.

Galatians and Philippians are two complete studies that I think will be of benefit for guiding group studies.  The Lord’s Prayer and The Beatitudes were immensely useful to me in my own devotional life.  Isaiah might work best for personal, rather than group, study. Any category can quickly be printed in full. Just remember the last lesson will show up first so reshuffle the pages before beginning your study.

If something is helpful to you, please share it on facebook, twitter, or other social media. The whole idea is to pass on what is useful to others. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.  Just click Contact Me and follow the instructions.

I want to be clear on what the Christian message is:

The good news that the Lord Jesus Christ is both God and Savior and it is only through our faith in him and what he accomplished for us through his life, death, and resurrection that we can have hope for this life and the life to come. After all, it is our knowing God, having him at our side giving us assurance of His control of all of His creation, that really matters in this life and in the life to come.

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