Cultivating Gratitude

There is a lot of transition in my life right now. I am changing jobs and have just finished moving from North Carolina to Texas. In the next few months I hope to buy a house, and there is a lot of fear that comes with these changes.

Every time I feel this fear creep up, I take a breath… pause… and say a prayer of gratitude.

I am thankful for what I have right now. I am thankful for God’s faithfulness to me. I know I can trust God and his plan, even if it’s not my plan.

I still have worries, and fear, but I am not crippled with anxiety. I have been learning to cultivate gratitude for what I have in this season of my life, instead of dwelling on what I wish I had, or hope to have in the future.

What are you thankful for?

About Carol Brandt

I earned a B.A. in History from Florida State University and M.Ed in.Higher Education from Florida Atlantic University. I taught high school social studies before “retiring” to full-time homemaking and raising two daughters. Now I love being a grandmother to four boys and a girl. I have also raised five collies.

My husband, John, was an optometrist, who worked tirelessly for his profession through private practice and as a consultant, and served on the Board of Trustees of Illinois College of Optometry for twenty years.

Ernest Reisinger was my chief mentor in this warm-hearted application of Calvinism. He gave me many books! The Founders Journal and Founders Conferences, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Charles Spurgeon have been other sources of Reformed thinking as well as the other warm-hearted ones listed in my book, “Warm-hearted Calvinists.”

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