Thinking When Emotional

When our emotions rage, it is hard to think straight. You have to grab hold of yourself. Shake yourself. Force your mind to come back to the basics.

Start thinking about biblical principles. It is all part of living with the amazing thought that God is with you–His presence right there in the midst of all those emotions. The starting place for peace is, after all, remembering that He loves you and will not stop, but He asks for reasonable behavior and pursuit of His very own character traits. His love, and yours for Him, is your starting point for working out things for yourself. Think about this old pastor’s quote:

“The New Testament pays us a great compliment by giving us its comfort in terms of doctrine…It all seems very strange to our modern ears, to those who desire immediate and direct comfort. But this is the very glory of the New Testament; it gives us doctrine, it regards us as intelligent human beings. It says, ‘Stand on your feet for a moment. Here is doctrine. Work it out for yourself.’ …It is not a direct comfort, but an indirect comfort.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Miracle of Grace, Baker House, 1986, p. 36-37 (italics mine).

The comfort comes after working it out for yourself; Thinking about the great themes of the Bible like redemption, forgiveness, mercy,and then applying them to yourself and this circumstance that has caused your emotions to rage; I find it best to think with a pencil and notebook in hand, expecially at time like this when my emotions are slipping out of control; Here is an example of working things out; God has forgiven me; He loves me and has promised to never forsake me or leave me; I am “washed in his blood.” Clean.

Enabled through faith to seek him and be in his presence. “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what we can not see. For this the ancients were commended. By faith we understand that the Universe was made by his command, and what was made was not made from what is visible….For without faith it is impossible to please God for we must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”(Hebrews 11:1-6). Why should I be cast down or depressed?

Talk to yourself.

About Carol Brandt

I earned a B.A. in History from Florida State University and M.Ed in.Higher Education from Florida Atlantic University. I taught high school social studies before “retiring” to full-time homemaking and raising two daughters. Now I love being a grandmother to four boys and a girl. I have also raised five collies.

My husband, John, was an optometrist, who worked tirelessly for his profession through private practice and as a consultant, and served on the Board of Trustees of Illinois College of Optometry for twenty years.

Ernest Reisinger was my chief mentor in this warm-hearted application of Calvinism. He gave me many books! The Founders Journal and Founders Conferences, Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and Charles Spurgeon have been other sources of Reformed thinking as well as the other warm-hearted ones listed in my book, “Warm-hearted Calvinists.”

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  1. I wish I had your depth of faith.

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