Warm-Hearted Calvinists


  1. Joyce from Marianna, Fl

    Thank you for this great information.

  2. Joyce,
    I hope you and Caps (and your Grandchildren) will be strengthen and encouraged by these “warm hearts” and the lives they lived.

  3. Joyce from Marianna, Fl

    Have just read some more of the things that you have posted. We never will be able to thank you enough for all the good stuff that you have written. We loved Ernie so very much. We attended some of the founders’ conferences that he attended. We needed to take our little grandson with us several years ago. Cap wrote and got permission from Ernie for Jacob to attend and he did. There was never a peep out of Jacob. Ernie gave him a book and wrote in the front such beautiful and encouraging words. He was a dear dear man and will be missed on and on through the years. We have many books that we did not give away. Some from Fred and Florence, and many others that I can recall right now. Gave many away over the years. Had a Christian book store in Alaska in which we sold the books cost plus 10%. We still get letters from the guys and gals who bought them and are using them. Many came to know the Lord and embrace the Doc. of Grace under Cap’s teaching and my “mothering” through the years. We really enjoy the church that we are in now. Cap has recently been selected as an elder. He is teaching a group of black pastors. He is teaching the Signs of the Apostles. Also will be teaching other things in the fall. He is still being used in the work even at this old age. I am working with the young children, which I really enjoy. I volunteer at our local crisis pregnancy center. Rambled too long, but wanted to share with you.

  4. Joyce, I am so glad you are finding this useful. How did you like the imaginative reading information for developing visual images for understanding the Bible?

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