Need Help With Christmas Shopping?

Banner of Truth Publishing has a Gift set of six lovely little volumes in soft leather (or bound, I’m not sure which) for $49.00.  The reason I like them is that they are a perfect combination for warm-hearted Calvinism.  A little book of puritan quotes really stirs the heart while three of the great Confessions of Faith are included for the mind part of faith.  Then two books are practical application for daily living.  Banner also has several titles in ebooks starting at $4.00.  Just click here to order www.banneroftruth.com.

A good advent resource for the family is “Prepare Him Room” by Marty Machowski. It has everything you need to explain advent; music,wreath instructions, bible verses, commentary and questions for kids. It can be found on amazon.com.

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Please, Not Another “Must Do”!

Ah… summer’s over.  I hope your summer months have renewed you rather than leaving you spent and exhausted.   I found my study of Revelation using Roger Ellsworth’s new book to be spiritually profitable.  I highly recommend it for individual or group use (www.amazon.com).  Now we are facing new responsibilities and a new schedule.

As we undertake these new responsibilities, my desire is that each of us will take them on as “warm-hearted” Calvinists.  This is the motivation behind this blog and the material posted on the title page.  The warm-hearted Calvinist tells her children and grandchildren stories from the Bible and church history about people who believed these great truths known as Calvinism.  She intentionally uses these doctrines to stir the emotions to love God more and to praise Him for his wonderful characteristics.  She picks out books and videos to have around her home that exalt the Bible’s truths.  She makes sure what she reads and watches and listens to will help her understand these biblical truths better and also warms her heart to love and praise God as well.

I want those of you who subscribe to this blog to take what you learn here and put it to work in your church.  Oh! that you would become Sunday School and Children’s Church and Nursery workers who understand the Bible and are able to use the Doctrines of Grace to encourage the children and other women  to obey God and love him with all their hearts.  You might serve on a pulpit committee and be able to recognize a warm-hearted Calvinist who has been taught to preach in such a way that people’s hearts are strangely warmed.  He knows how to relate a particular passage to the Bible’s great truths and to apply the passage to everyone’s daily life.  He is simple and direct; he is humble and kind;  and so you become more so.

Of course, you also have community responsibilities.  Do what you can to make your neighborhood and nation a better place, especially for our children and grandchildren.  Be hospitable.  Speak to people; be kind; pursue hospitality; invite others to church.

I do not mean to imply that you have to do everything.  There are seasons of life.  Your home may be calling you!  You may have to even drop out of church work while you focus on your marriage.  Do what you can when you can.

Remember that there will be a Day Of Reward for all Christians.  This truth is a great motivator to work hard and carefully:

…each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor…each one’s work will become clear; for the Day will declare it, because it will be revealed by fire; and the fire will test each one’s work, of what sort it is.  If anyone’s work which he has built on it endures, he will receive a reward.  If anyone’s work is burned, he will suffer loss; but he himself will be saved, yet so as through fire  (1 Corinthians 3:8-15).


Need additional help?   Just click: www.carolbrandt.com/ “Warm-Hearted Calvinist”/Profiting From These Introductions.


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